Download Kingroot – Kingroot.apk

Download Kingroot – Kingroot.apk

When we talk about how to root without PC, the first name which come in mind will always be Kingroot. Kingroot is the best app which allow you to root your device in just click. If anybody ask me question which the the best way to root your phone, Then my answer will always be the Kingroot. This app will work on many android version like Android Kitkat, Android Lollipop and even on Android Marshmallow.

Rooting your Android with Kingroot is simple as taking a spoon of sugar from sugar box. The procedure is very simple, app is in the Chinese language, you just need to tap on the blue button and you are done. Kingroot.apk is made in china and also most used in China.

Rooting your device is always a difficult and risky process, So when you root your device with Kingroot make sure read all the steps properly, then only  start the process. There is one disadvantage of Kingroot.apk is it will not work for all devices.


Download Kingroot

Download Kingroot Latest Version Kingroot.apk.4.8.0

Download  Kingroot.apk v4.6.5

Download Kingroot.apk 4.6.2

Download Oldest Version of Kingroot.apk v4.5.0

Download Kingroot.apk for Windows.


Devices Support KingRoot.apk

Sony devices 

Nexus Devices

Samsung Devices

LG devices 

Lenovo devices

Motorola Devices

HTC devices

Huawei devices

ZTE devices

Asus Devices

Micromax Devices


How to Root Android with Kingroot

  1. Before starting the rooting process make sure that your device is charged more than 75%.
  2. Make sure you have taken full backup for your device data.
  3. Now Enable Unknown sources.Kingroot
  4. Now Download the Latest Version of Kingroot I have given earlier.
  5. Then go to app drawer and tap on the app.Kingroot
  6. Then you will see Install Button Tap on Install.Kingroot
  7. Now the installation process is started.Kingroot
  8. After the Kingroot installed in your device Tap on Open.Kingroot
  9. Now click on the Start Root button to start the rooting process.Kingroot
  10. Now you need to wait until the process in completed.Kingroot
  11. Congratulation now your device is rooted, you will see Root successfully message on your device.Kingroot


Features of Kingroot.apk

  1. Kingroot doesn’t read any type of third party like as PC, Laptop, computer, unlocking bootloader and installing TWRP.
  2. Kingroot will root your device in few seconds with just click.


List of Devices support Kingroot

List of Samsung Devices  support Kingroot.apk.

List of Google Devices  support Kingroot.apk.

List of HTC devices support Kingroot.apk.

List of Huawei Devices support Kingroot.apk.

List of the Sony Devices support Kingroot.apk.

List of Asus Devices support Kingroot.apk.

List of Acer Devices support Kingroot.apk.

List of the Lenovo Devices support Kingroot.apk.

List of LG devices support Kingroot.apk.

List of the Micromax Devices support Kingroot.apk.

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